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Digital Designer

Hi, my name's nik and I'm a Sydney based Digital Designer. That's not really a job, it's more of a catch-all title seeing as I work across a variety of roles like UI, UX, Web and Visual Design. But if you let me talk about myself I will bore you senseless! Instead I reckon the proof is in the pudding so mebbe check out my...

...and decide for yourself if I'm any good. You can also head to my Linkedin account to see what people I've worked with say about me. If you're not deterred by then...

drop me a line =)
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Nikash SINGH


I'm a UI and UX Consultant
At (formerly Perceptive Ideas)
I'm a Freelance Designer
Check out
I'm a Webmaster
For the
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Nikash SINGH

Teacher Researcher

I'm a Lecturer at Uni. of Sydney
In and
I instruct at General Assembly
in Front End Web
I'm completing a Ph.D
in UI Design at the
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Nikash SINGH


I'm a Volunteer Designer in OSS
And for 9+ years.
In the past on projects like
More recently, I'm a free agent
On , hit me up!